Writing a legal letter of advice to a client is receiving

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Writing a legal letter of advice to a client is receiving

Many tenants mistakenly believe they can stop paying rent when something needs to be fixed but then face eviction proceedings for non-payment of rent! Always make sure you can prove that you gave your landlord notice to make the repairs. What should I do if the landlord has stopped providing me with an essential service such as water, heat, or air conditioning?

Communicate in Writing Similar to the answer in the previous question, you should state in writing what needs to be fixed and provide a copy of that request to your landlord in person or by certified mail with return receipt requested. If it truly is an essential service for example, air conditioning in the summeryour written notice just needs to give the landlord a reasonable time to fix it.

If you rent your unit, you may calculate the reasonable costs of the essential service and deduct that amount from your rent. If you rent your unit, you may find substitute housing and deduct the cost of that housing from your rent.

Your best option is to pay your rent and file a claim for your costs at a later date. What should I do if I receive a notice of non-payment of rent?

writing a legal letter of advice to a client is receiving

If you rent your unit, you should pay your rent within five 5 days of receiving the notice. If you own your mobile home and rent the space on which it sits, you should pay your rent within seven 7 days of receiving the notice. If you do not pay your rent, your landlord may end your lease and begin eviction proceedings against you in court.

If for some reason you cannot pay the entire rent, you may attempt to pay part of the rent. Your landlord, however, is not required to accept partial payments. Also, this option is not available to mobile home owners who rent spaces.

Can my landlord ever lock me out of my house without taking me to court? Your landlord must go through the court and obtain a judgment with a right of possession before you are locked out of your unit. If your landlord locks you out without getting this judgment first, you should call the police or Community Legal Services.

What should I do if I receive a summons to appear in court because my landlord is attempting to evict me? You should go to the court identified on the document identified as the "Summons" to prepare a written answer to respond to the allegations contained in the document entitled "Complaint.

You should be prepared to pay a filing fee to file your answer or, if you cannot afford the filing fee, ask the court to defer or waive the court fees and costs see next question. Also, you should plan to be in court early on the date and time specified for your eviction hearing. If you have problems obtaining a fee deferral or waiver, you should contact Community Legal Services.

How do I get my security deposit back? Before moving out of your rental unit, request a walk-through inspection with your landlord. You may want to take pictures of the premises. You should then send a letter to your landlord requesting a refund of the security deposit and provide them with your new address.

Within fourteen 14 days of your written request, your landlord must either return your entire security deposit, or return part of your security deposit along with an itemized list of deductions. If your landlord refuses to return your security deposit, or you disagree with the deductions, you may file a claim against them in small claims or justice court for the money.

If you believe you did not commit the alleged violation s of the PHA regulations, and can offer proof you did not, you should make a written request for an informal hearing within the time frame noted in the termination notice.

You should ask the PHA staff for a copy of the informal hearing procedures and also request to review your housing file to prepare for the informal hearing. If I own my mobile home and rent the space on which it sits, can the landlord terminate my lease for no reason?Federal Human Resources Office (J1/Manpower & Personnel) The Federal Human Resources Office (J1/Manpower & Personnel Directorate) provides personnel support services for the Air National Guard and the Army National Guard.

RCR Legal Services Professional Corporation is dedicated to defending the rights of injured workers in Ontario. We have extensive experience in representing Injured Workers with the management of their Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) claims, appeals before the WSIB Appeals Services Division and appeals before the Workplace Safety & Insurance Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT).

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