Effect of internet on student academic

Moral Corruption The early years of the 21st century have witnessed an explosion in the Internet usage. The popularity of this global system of interconnected network keeps growing nonstop from the day it appeared in human life. Obviously, with the universal access to information and an interactive mechanism to communicate that Internet offers, it is no hard to understand why people all around the world get addicted to it.

Effect of internet on student academic

Hence, it is important that the end-user is aware of the diverse information available on the Internet, and educated in the criteria by which the information content should be assessed Chapman, The fabulous growth in telecommunication has brought online services, specialized electronic networks, WebPages, E-mail, software and global information resources to our homes as well as to education.

Effect of internet on student academic

Students have only recently received the opportunity to use the Internet to seek and obtain scholarly material and, consequently, knowledge on how effectively they make use of this channel is limited.

Many studies have been conducted regarding the type of information the endusers seek and obtain on the Internet and in which circumstances they prefer electronic sources to paper sources Tenopir et al. Fescemeyer, Iboronke has Effect of internet on student academic the poor performance to the rise in students enrolment without corresponding increase in the material and human resources.

In this study the effect of these materials and human resources on students performance will be investigated. The use of the available learning resources will improve the academic performance of students. In order words, one of the opportunities to stimulate this elaboration process is by offering students more and more diverse learning resources.

Internet use has become very popular in many areas as well as in education in recent years. Accordingly, Internet access in schools has increased greatly over the last 20 years Berson, Many experts see the computer, combined with multimedia capabilities, as the new tool that can transform education Van Horn, points out that the computer can solve many of the problems facing teachers.

The teacher also has the problem of deciding to teach at the low end or the high end of the grade level. Many compromise and teach in the middle.

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Computers can solve these two problems by enabling teachers to customize instruction for each student McKeown, The issue of the poor academic performance of students is traced to certain factors which, can hinder student understanding.

Academic achievement is an important parameter in measuring success in students. Observations and reports have shown that success or high academic achievement has become a Herculean task to accomplish by students in recent times. The decline in the academic performance of students in Nigerian universities had been highlighted by Soyinkawhen he observed that university system in Nigeria needed restructuring.

He went further to say that academic standard had fallen drastically and the quality of graduates being produced by the nations universities is questionable and subject to re-examination. Poor academic achievement of students has been of great concern to educationists, government and the public in general.

Most previous studies had tended to attribute this problem to factors that are extraneous to the learner, such as poor physical facilities, school environment etc.

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Various strategies adopted by different governments and agencies tend not to address the problem substantially. Specifically, the study seeks to determine whether: Internet usage can enhance academic performance students.

The use of search engines can improve the academic performance of students. E-mail services improve academic performance of students. How does internet usage influence the academic performance of students? To what extent does the use of search engine enhance the academic performance of students?Effect of Internet on Student Academic Performance.

Topics: Internet, Social relation, Internet access It is one of the factors that affect the academic performance of students.

It adds ideas about other things that make them advanced in any aspects of their class lessons. HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS’ ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE AND INTERNET USAGE Wesley Austin, University of Louisiana at Lafayette high school students’ academic performance should be researched.

Stakeholders – parents, with Internet use having no effect on the mathematics portion of . is an attemptto access the effectiveness of the use of internet services and how it affects student’s academic performances.

Objective of the Study. The main objective of this study is to find out the use of internet services and how it affects student’s performance. Specifically, the aims of the study are to 1. This is a universal fact that the use of internet has a great impact on the student’s academic achievement and social life.

The study was conducted to determine the effect of use of internet on the academic performance, social life and outdoor activity of University students in Pakistan. There is no significant relationship between the use of search engine and students academic performance.

There is no significant relationship between e-mail services and students academic performance. Significant of study the outcome of this study aims at determining whether or not the use of internet has any significant influence on the academic performance of students.

What effect does the Internet have on a student’s academic achievements? The Effect of Social Network Sites on Adolescents’ Social and Academic Development.

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