Beef jerky essay

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Beef jerky essay

Beef Jerky My wife often buys those packages of factory-made jerkies that are almost ubiquitous in super-markets and convenience stores now.

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I find they have very artificial, chemical tastes to them and Beef jerky essay texture is very often very poor. Years ago, before I was married, I used to buy some terrific beef jerky at our local farmers market.

It was very simply seasoned and the thick, foot-long strips were cut lengthwise along the grain of the meat making them robust and chewy unlike the thin, friable industrial varieties commonly available these days. Saltpeter or other Curing Salt such as Prague Powder 2 ; 1 tbsp. A curing salt is not strictly necessary from the preservation standpoint.

The whole point of drying meat like this was originally to keep it for long periods by removing the water that would allow spoilage and, in truth, with small amounts, you will Beef jerky essay consume it before that is an issue.

That being said though, these salts will give the meat a nice pink color and may give you added peace of mind if you are really worried about spoilage. This is the small beef roast I purchased. The Method After you have trimmed the roast making sure to cut away as much visible fat as possiblecut it into 1 cm.

Next, lightly pound the strips with your fist or other heavy object to tenderize slightly. Mix together the dry curing ingredients and then rub the strips well with the mixture making all surfaces get coated.

If you are using the liquid smoke, toss the strips with it and then put the meat in a covered container and let sit in the refrigerator for 24 hours. If not, though, you can do it in your oven set to its lowest setting, which is the method we will be using here.

In either case, you first need to blot the strips as dry as you can make them using paper towel and then, if you are oven drying, allow the meat to sit at room temperature for an hour or so until the surface is a little tacky to the touch.

A heat setting of to degrees is about ideal but my oven, like many modern ones, will not go below degrees. This temperature is okay but anything much higher than that is really too much as you run the risk of cooking rather than simply drying the meat.

In any event, you need to keep the door slightly ajar propped open using a folded cloth or wooden spoon, if necessary so as to allow air to circulate and vent moisture.

You can, if you like put skewers through the strips and hang them from your oven rack set at the top-most position, but a wire rack in a baking try works fine. Keep a weather eye on the meat as it dries, especially if you are stuck with higher temperature settings, and turn the strips regularly.

About once an hour should be good but I do it a little more frequently to minimize the surfaces getting imprinted by the wire rack. The drying time will vary quite considerably depending on the thickness of the slices, the heat and vagaries of your oven, and the amount of air circulation and humidity.

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Small pieces cut very thinly across the grain may be ready in just a few hours, but the time will increase as the pieces get larger and thicker. Basically, you want the pieces to be firm and leathery but without being brittle.

I allowed mine to dry for just about 10 hours and they were still quite pliable. If you are going to store jerky for any length of time, make sure it well dried almost, but not quite, brittle and keep it on a cool, dry place.

Ideally, store it upright in a container that does not keep the pieces tightly packed.THE NOBLE HUSTLE Poker, Beef Jerky and Death By Colson Whitehead. Colson Whitehead showed up in with his brilliant first novel, “The Intuitionist,” and since then has published six more. Green Hills Branch Library is closed Nov for parking lot maintenance.

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Popular sale items included beef, pork, and turkey jerky, chicken strips, pepperoni sticks, and jerky varieties flavored with teriyaki, barbeque seasoning, and peppercorn. Continued Product Innovation. In , after much in-home experimentation, Art Oberto perfected what was .

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Beef jerky essay

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