A personal reflection on the socratic circle performance on homosexuality

I spoke on the subject of homosexuality and then was interviewed. Since my teenage years, I have been exclusively attracted to other men rather than women.

A personal reflection on the socratic circle performance on homosexuality

A personal reflection on the socratic circle performance on homosexuality

The class had just watched Sound and Fury, a Oscar-nominated documentary about deaf culture. The film follows a 6-year-old deaf girl named Heather and her family several members of whom also are deaf as they go back and forth on the issue of cochlear implants, a then-new technology that allows some deaf people to hear.

Heather wants cochlear implants so she can talk to people and hear lions. Her mother, too, opts for the implants.

But when she discovers the implant will not be as effective for her, she changes her mind, and, without consulting her daughter, decrees that neither of them will be undergoing the procedure.

After the film ended, our professor asked students for their thoughts. If I remember my words correctly, I added: I looked down a few aisles to the front of the dark screening room. I saw the back of a mostly shaved head, with a lock of hair tied on top. I had never seen the back of this head before.

What gives you the right to comment on who I am? My inner monologue started racing in my privileged Cape Breton accent. I never knew my father. I grew up under a staircase, like Harry Potter. My hand shot up so I could respond. The professor ignored it. I kept it up and locked eyes with him, agitated.

The attack on my identity just hung there over the space, unchallenged, floating, settling into the upholstery of the chairs. Then the class was dismissed. I walked out of the screening room feeling kind of shell-shocked.

What was I to take from this? What were the other students to take from this?

Free Thought Lives

That the attack on my character warranted no rebuttal? That my race, my gender, and my sexual identity had all disqualified me from participating? The lesson seemed clear. My status as a mother of two young girls—unimportant. I learned the lesson so well that I did not again participate in that class for the rest of the semester.

My experience in that undergraduate film class was just a taste, an appetizer if you will, for the full-fledged graduate feast I was to consume at Concordia once my undergrad was finished.

Students at just about any other university can recite similar stories. Universities are in a state of crisis, but this crisis did not emerge overnight.

It required an hospitable environment to take root. Some journalists and professors have dismissed the phenomenon as a form of moral panic, invented by right-wing provocateurs.

They cite studies and statistics to reassure us that The Kids Are Alright.year-old Jack Harris (above) fought and died at Gallipoli. The family's vicar, Everard la Touche, wanted Jack to go to war. The vicar believed the war was a battle of good versus evil.

A personal reflection on the socratic circle performance on homosexuality

Now that you’ve prepared your ELLs, it’s time to implement the Socratic circle. Socratic Circles and the Common Core: Activity Ideas for ELLs (Part III) By.

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The Socratic Circle. What does Socratic mean? The word “Socratic” comes from the name Socrates (ca. B.C.), a Classical Greek philosopher who developed a Theory of Knowledge.

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